A Concise Guide to Ugandan Food

Uganda has a rich culinary traditional, developed by the different tribes, produce and foreign influences that have shaped its history. Here are some dishes to try:

Katogo – a breakfast meal, consisting of matoke (green bananas) simmered in sauce (either a meat broth, ground nuts or beans). It was originally considered a poor man’s meal, made with maize, but not is a staple breakfast.

Luwombo – a dish of meat or fished steamed in a banana leaf. The meat is wrapped in the banana leaf, like a pouch, and secured at the top, and is then steamed for around six hours. It is considered a treat, given the length of time it takes to make, and is served at traditional ceremonies. The dish is said to date back to 1887, when the Buganda King’s chef created the dish.

Muchoma – grilled meat, traditionally street food cooked over a charcoal stove and served on a stick

Rolex – far cheaper than its watch namesake, the rolex is fried egg and cabbage rolled in a chapati. It is street food, and you can see rolex vendors on most streets in Kampala. It is very popular, with rolex restaurant popping up in Entebbe, and even an annual rolex festival!

Kikomando – another popular street food, kikomando is chopped up chapati with cooked beans

Mandazi – fried dough that you will also find on available on Kampala’s streets, often sold from a bucket. Mandazi is Uganda’s answer to a donut.