What's on the Two Thousand Shilling Note

The two-thousand-shilling note is an ode to Uganda’s most famous geographical landmark: the source of the River Nile. The note itself is blue, to denote water. It depicts:

Source of the Nile – that start of the world’s longest river, which flows out of Lake Victoria on its 6,853 km or 4,258 miles long journey to Mediterranean. The source of the Nile is found at Jinja, and acts as a natural border between the traditional kingdom of Buganda, and Busoga

Speke Monument – erected on the banks of the Nile on the Buganda side of the river, the monument marks the place where explorer John Hanning Speke first saw the source of the Nile, in 1862.

Tilapia – the fresh water fish that calls Lake Victoria home. It is known locally as ngege, and is one of the oldest fish species in Uganda

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