Tooro's Empango Celebrations

On 12th September, 1995, Oyo Nyimba Rukidi was crowned the Omukama (king) of Tooro, after the death of his father Olimi VII. The new king was only three years old, making him the youngest reigning monarch in the world. Each year the kingdom of Tooro celebrates coronation anniversary, called the Empango.

What is Empango?

It is the first ritual that the newly crowned king performs at his coronation, which is beating the Empango Nyalebe drum. He sounds the drum to signify he is the greatest man (Rukirabasaija) of the kingdom. The drum itself is said to date back to the king’s Babito ancestors.

What happens at the Empango?

The Empango takes place at the Karuziika, the royal palace in Fort Portal, Tooro’s capital. The king, dressed in traditional bark cloth, sits flanked by his mother, Queen Best. He sounds the royal drum nine times to start the ceremony.  Royal regalia, such as drums and spears, are blessed by the Omukama

The King has also initiated community service activities during the Empango – last years, he launched a wastes management system along the banks of River Mpanga.