Five Most Interesting Golf Courses in Uganda

Uganda was a British Protectorate between 1894 and independence in 1962. Town planning usually incorporated a golf course, so most of Uganda’s towns and cities now have a golf course. If you want to play someone with spectacular views or an interesting history, these are our top five:

Entebbe – laid in 1901, this is the oldest golf course in Uganda. It has 18 holes, and has been played on by royalty: in 1930, the Prince of Wales – later King Edward VIII – arrived in Uganda by train, and played a round of golf in Entebbe, before departing on safari.

Jinja – play overlooking the source of the River Nile. The course was established in 1912, in the old European Town on the edge of the river. It has 9 holes, and boasts a club house with a swimming pool, tennis court, snooker table and full restaurant.

Arua – the only town in the north of the country with an active golf course, Arua has hosted the 2019 Uganda Golf Tour Open. It is an 18 hole course, in the centre of the colonially designed town.

Toro – the 9 hole course is built over the remains of a Fort Gerry, which had been erected in 1883, as part of the British expansion in western Uganda. The fort was named after Sir Gerald Portal, British Special Commissioner to Uganda. The moats of the fort are still visible on the course.

Kilembe Mines, Kasese – this course situated at the feet of the Rwenzori Mountains – the fabled ‘Mountains of the Moon’. Kilembe Mines is a copper and cobalt mine, opened in 1950, and the course was created for its employees. It has 9 holes.

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