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Road To Entebbe

Explore Uganda's first capital

Set on the edge of Lake Victoria, Entebbe has witnessed the transitions of Uganda’s history. From the seat of a local chief, it became a military port and the capital of the Protectorate of Uganda.

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Special Access to Entebbe's History

Entebbe means ‘seat’ in the local language, Luganda, as it was originally the seat of a local chief. The town is built over two hills which were believed to be the home to spirits.

Historic Buildings

During the British Protectorate (1894-1962), the capital of Uganda was in Entebbe. The town became a military port under the British in 1893, and many of the colonial government buildings, including State House are still government buildings to this day.

Raid on Entebbe

Entebbe is more recently known for the daring raid on the airport in 1976, during the regime of Idi Amin, when 102 hostages were rescued by Israeli commandos from the Old Airport Terminal

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Where We Visit

Our local guide will take you through the sites that tell Entebbe’s history, and tell you the stories that bring these places to life

Kigungu Landing Site

A monument marks the site where the Catholic White Father missionaries first stepped foot in Buganda

European Cemetery

The final resting place for Europeans in Entebbe, including four graves of soldiers who died in the world wars

Independence Tree

A Kirundu tree which was the site of political rallies in the lead up to independence

St John's Church

Entebbe's Anglican Church was built in 1939, and holds services in both English and Lugbara

Shree Ganesh Mandir

The oldest Hindu temple in Uganda, built in 1922