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Return to the Nile

Discover the town at the source of the River Nile

Visit the historic town of Jinja, at the source of the Nile. From the explorers that sought the source of the world’s longest river, to the exiled King making his way home, the Nile is at the heart of some of history’s greatest stories

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Explore Jinja’s history

The source of the river Nile is one of geography’s greatest enigmas. It baffled explorers for centuries, before Englishmen John Hanning Speke solved the riddle in 1862.

Busoga Kingdom

Jinja is in Busoga, a kingdom that only became such under British rule. Kings are not hereditary, rather, it is an elected position. The current king, or Kyabazinga is William Gabula Nadiope IV, who has ruled since 2014

Centre of Industry

The town of Jinja at the source of the Nile became a trading hub with the extension of the Uganda-Kenya Railway, with Asian traders moving in soon thereafter. Jinja became the centre of industry in Uganda

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Where We Take You

Explore the sites of Jinja by car, boat and foot

Speke Monument

The memorial marks the spots where John Hanning Speke first saw the source of the Nile

Jinja Railway Station

Built in 1912 when the Uganda Kenya Railway was extended from Port Florence (Kisumu) to Jinja

War Cemetery

The final resting place of soldiers who fought for the British during World Wars One and Two

St Joseph's Cathedral

The seat of the Catholic Church in Jinja, built by the Mill Hill Missionaries

Source of the Nile

A boat cruise to the source of the world's longest river

Kyabazinga’s Palace

The palace of the current King of Busoga on top of Bugembe hill, which was built by his grandfather, the second King of Busoga