Africa's Great Lakes

Great Lakes

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Explore Africa's great lakes in the rift valley

Lake Victoria, Lake Albert and Lake Edward

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Uganda’s Great Lakes: Victoria, Albert and Edward. They make up half of the African Great Lakes, and are the only three to empty into the river Nile. They are the perfect spots to view Uganda’s diverse bird population, and experience the dramatic landscape of the Great Rift Valley.

Want to see the Big five, the Rwenzori Mountains and the Shoebill?

Uganda's Great Lakes provide the opportunity to experience them all. Lake Victoria – named after Britain’s Queen Victoria – is the second largest freshwater lake in the world. Bordered by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, Lake Victoria is famous as the source of the river Nile.

Admire The views, Enjoy the wildlife

Lake Albert, to the west, is named after Queen Victoria’s husband, and offers fantastic birding opportunities, as well as views of the Congo Escarpment and Rwenzori Mountains. The smallest of the African Great lakes is Lake Edward, named after King Edward VII. It is situated in Queen Elizabeth National Park on the Uganda side, where the ‘Big Five’ can be found

Journey Highlights


Fishing on Lake Victoria

Spend a day on the water, to catch the indigenous Nile tilapia and perch that call the lake home


Bird watching on Lake Albert

Situated in the Semliki Valley, with views over the Congolese Blue Mountains, Lake Albert is one of the best places in Uganda to spot the elusive Shoebill


Water safari on Lake Edward

in the midst of the national park, Lake Edward offers the opportunity to view the wildlife along the shore line

Sail. Fish. Bird Watch

Uganda's Great Lakes offer the opportunity to spend time on the water, to relax, fish, bird watch or enjoy the remarkable scenary that makes Uganda unique