Bean to Cup Experience

Coffee Tour

The Birth place of Robusta

Our trip will take you to a local coffee farm, where Robusta is grown, and dried and processed. The farm manager takes the visitors around the farm, and explains how coffee is grown and harvested. Next is a coffee experience, which demonstrates the brewing methods and sample the taste profiles of coffee

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A Bean to Cup Experience!

Uganda is the birthplace of Robusta coffee. It became a commercial cash crop during the early 20th century, and now accounts for 7% of export earnings.


Enjoy a true bean to cup experience, from the plantation where the berries are grown and harvested, to the process by which they are dried and roasted, before discovering the different ways in which brewing effects taste, and leave with a bag of coffee!


Coffee is largely grown by small hold farms in Uganda, and we seek to promote and support local farmers by creating awareness, and education round the importance of buying local

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Where We Visit

Visit a local coffee arm

Zuri Model Farm

Zuri Model Farm has a 35-acre coffee plantation. They have a nursery, plantation and drying station, and their beans are sold both domestically and internationally