Uganda's Crater Lakes

Western Uganda boasts 72 crater lakes along the Albertine Rift Valley. Created 8,000 to 10,000 years ago by volcanic explosions, the indents that remained filled with rain water, creating the picturesque lakes that dot the western landscape to this day.

Here are five crater lakes you should visit:

Lake Nkuruba

Considered the most beautiful crater lake, owing to the surrounding scenery. The nature reserve and forest boast monkeys, baboons and a number of birds.

Lake Nyinambuga

Its picture is found on the 20,000 shilling note, making it a favourite spot for a photo op.

Lake Nyabikere

A lone hippo resides in its water, making it one crater lake you don’t want to swim in!

Lake Kyaninga

A feat of modern architecture, Kyaninga Lodge was built into the rock above the crater lake, offering stunning views for its guests across the lake.

Lake Nyinabulitwa

Meaning ‘mother of lakes’ this small crater lake is known for its bird life, and is situated near the ‘top of the world’ viewpoint, overlooking the Semliki Valley.