How Jinja Became a Town

Jinja is famous as the start of the Nile’s 4000 km journey to the Mediterranean. It is the second largest urban area (with Njeru) after Kampala, and is the third…

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The International Criminal Court
The permanent premises of the International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court

On 1st July 2002, the first permanent court designed to try perpetrators of the most serious international crimes – namely, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of…

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Remembering the Obalanga Massacre

  The massacre at Obalanga on 15th June 2003 marked the beginning of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) invasion into the Teso sub region of Uganda. The rebels attacked the…

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Martyrs’ Day in Uganda

On 3rd June, Uganda celebrates Martyrs’ Day. It is a public holidays, which commemorates the 22 Catholics and 23 Protestants who were killed for refusing to renounce their faith between…

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