Changing Horizons

Changing Horizons is a tour company providing unparalleled access to some of East Africa’s most intriguing and imposing places. We specialise in trips that explore recent history, taking visitors to sites of past importance, cultural heritage and memorial.

How It All Began

Changing Horizons was founded by Dr Diana Peel, a criminologist, in 2015. Diana first came to Uganda in 2010 to work with death row inmates after the mandatory death penalty was abolished, returning in 2013 to study survival and endurance of rebel groups that rely on abduction as a means of recruitment. During her research, Diana learnt about Uganda’s fascinating history, and, finding there was little in the way of commemoration, the inspiration for Changing Horizons was born.

Our Tours

Our tours are designed to immerse you in the history of the sites, giving you a first hand experience of the culture and heritage of the area. The tours are created by a criminologist, and the content is comprehensively researched. We provide in-depth historical context so that a visitor can come away understanding both the events that took place and the historical figures who shaped them. Our aim is to enable other people to experience the beauty and wonder of East Africa’s historical sites.

Our guides are locals, who speak the language and know the history. They seek to provide visitors with an authentic experience of the places we go to. Our goal is to bring positive benefits to the places we visit, by developing tourism in the region, and creating employment opportunities. We hire local people in our offices, as guides and drivers, the places we stay are locally run and our food and drink is locally sourced. We look to invest in the local communities that we visit.

What to Expect

Changing Horizons is dedicated to providing our visitors with a holistic travel experience. We organise local transport and meals during the tours. Our tour groups are small, with a maximum of twelve people on each tour.

Essential Information

Changing Horizons is a land only tour operator, meaning that we do not arrange flights for our visitors. We can provide customers with information on airlines and routes to and from our destinations, but visitors need to make their own travel arrangements to reach Uganda.

We strongly recommend that visitors take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance for their trip. The nature of many of our tours means that we will travel to remote areas where infrastructure and medical facilities are limited. Our guides are trained in first aid, and we liaise with hospitals and clinics in the area, but the customer is responsible for the cost of medical care and evacuation.


About Changing Horizons

Changing Horizons is a tour company which specialises in travel to sites of historical interest in East Africa.

Our tours take you to places that are identified with past events and experiences, such as sites of great discovery, like the source of the Nile, or sites of great sacrifice, like the shrine of the Christian martyrs.

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How to book and get further information

Email: bookings@changing-horizons.com

Business registration number: 197182

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