5 Things You Didn't Know About Makerere University

On Sunday, 20th September 2020, a fire started in the Main Administration Building, destroying records and decades of history. The building itself, an icon of the university, was completed 941, under the leadership of George C. Turner, the Principal of Makerere College at the time. Once known as the Oxford of East Africa, Makerere has a long and rich history as an institution of higher education.

Here are 5 Facts You didn’t know about Makerere University

1. Makerere College was established on 1st August 1922, with an intake of only 14 students.

2.Makerere’s anthem is called “Makerere, We Build for the Future”, and was written by Grace Wilson Mutekanga Igaga. He was honoured during the 90-year celebrations in 2013, where he received a plaque.

  1. The first women to graduate from Makerere University was Eunice Lubega, who received a Bachelor’s of Art in 1955.
  2. Idi Amin was awarded an honorary doctorate of law from Makerere University in 1977

5.Makerere has educated future Presidents from Uganda (Milton Obote, Yusuf Yule, Godfrey Binasia), Kenya (Mwai Kibaki) and Tanzania (Julius Nyerere, Benjamin Mkapa)